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Determined, passionate, intense, irreverent, fun-loving... said about me at age 2 by my mother, and every boss since.

The good and bad thing about me is that nothing scares me too much, and I never mind anything that requires writing or telling a good story.

My principal goal in life is simple: make those around me successful — whether that's my family, my friends, my boss, my colleagues or my team. I do that by always telling the truth, even if it's the hard thing to do.

People tell me I'm the most energetic person they know, but I am always looking for more sleep. Two young boys may have something to do with that. New York is my spirit animal city: teeming with energy, but a little dark; seeking culture and sub-culture in all corners, full of great cocktails and food.

As for my career, I spent nearly a decade on the agency side, with a focus on crisis, issues and financial communications for Fortune 500 companies. I then took a leap to the client and marketing side when I became the head of Brand Marketing for Cadillac. I spent six years at the iconic American luxury car brand, seeing it through three major brand campaigns, five vehicle launches, and the creation of a category — vehicle subscription services.